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Welcome to the GTH

The GTH is western Canada’s newest, fastest-growing inland port authority. We’re strategically located, logistically superior, cost-effective – and here to help you succeed.

Centrally located between Canada's largest sea ports, the GTH is ideal for companies requiring quick turnaround and efficient transportation to markets across the globe. Use our integrated rail intermodal and highway infrastructure to reach customers and optimize your supply chain network.


We're here to provide exceptional service.

As an autonomous and self-governing authority, we oversee all stages of development and regulation. This means a single point of contact for you at every stage, from concept to operations.

Future Transfer

Future Transfer specializes in third-party logistics, warehousing, packaging and distribution services. The company operates in six Canadian locations, including at the GTH. They provide services to a number of commercial markets including agriculture, oil & gas, paint & coatings, as well as mining & manufacturing. They established their 3PL service offering at the GTH in December 2016.

Morguard Investment

Morguard is one of Canada’s leading estate companies.

Their Translink Logistics Centre is designed specifically for supply chain, logistics and transportation/distribution clients looking to lease space at the GTH. This is a brand new multi-tenant LEED-certified warehouse complex that takes full advantage of the GTH’s efficient access to China and the Pacific Rim to the west; Russia, Europe and India to the east; and the US to the south.

“At the GTH, you don’t have that bureaucracy. You’re dealing with one governing authority. We're a long term player in terms of own real estate and with the resources and growth potential here, why wouldn't we want to invest in the GTH? It's good to feel that you are ahead of the curve.” Margaret Knowles, Senior VP, Morguard Investments

Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority

Importing product from around the world, the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority is responsible for the distribution and regulation of liquor and gaming products across the province. In addition to its own network of 75 liquor stores, SLGA provides product to 190 franchises, four private liquor stores, and some 450 off-sale outlets throughout the province.

The GTH serves as a strategic location for SLGA to support their extensive truck and transport requirements for the more than 2.5 million cases of inbound and outbound product annually that flows through its Regina distribution centre.

“The GTH is a community of businesses that have located centrally in order to take advantage of efficient and effective distribution channels. Not only is the GTH excellent to work with, they offer unparalleled access to transportation and infrastructure that’s needed for supply chain businesses like ours to succeed." Lee Auten, Vice President, Partnerships and Supply Management, SLGA

Emterra Group

Emterra is the city of Regina's new curbside recycler. It operates a 45,000 sq. ft. material recovery facility and light processing centre at the GTH.

Their plant processes over 50,000 tons of recyclables annually. Paper, plastics, metals and glass are collected from the region, sorted and bundled at the GTH facility, and then marketed to buyers around the world. A large portion of reclaimed material moves back through CP Rail's intermodal facility at the GTH for overseas processing.

Emterra's presence provides GTH clients with the benefit of a recycling facility on site.

“Using the GTH rail and road network for transportation is very cost effective. It helps bring our commodities to customers in a very efficient manner. The personnel at the GTH also understand our business and when we have a problem, we talk to them and tomorrow we’ll get an answer. That's the kind of partner we’re looking for.” Emmie Leung, Emterra Founder and CEO


SaskPower is the principal supplier of electricity in Saskatchewan.

SaskPower plans to consolidate 27 of its Regina operating facilities into four locations, one of which will be located at the GTH.

Preliminary plans for the complex include industrial buildings to house mechanical shops, warehouses, storage and maintenance areas, as well as parking for employees and visitors. The GTH site was chosen because it provides a strategic land location and the internal infrastructure needed to support transport volumes and highway connectivity to service all regions of the province.

Over 1,000 employees are expected to be working at the new logistics centre when it opens.

Canadian Pacific Rail intermodal yard

Canadian Pacific Rail operates a new 300-acre intermodal facility at the GTH. It's designed to move some 250,000 containers annually - more than five times the capacity of their previous downtown Regina facility. CP is already tracking about 60,000 lifts annually.

The GTH provides direct access to the CP Rail mainline, connecting shippers to seaports and key market locations across North America. CP's expertise and strong strategic alliances offer the most timely, cost-effective and worry-free transportation solutions across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

“The GTH is always reaching out to potential clients to see how all the other properties and businesses within the area can collate to help each other out - which is probably the biggest benefit that I see how this inland hub is working. It's not just a bunch of silo businesses, it's a community.” Kelly McIvor, Manager Intermodal Facility, CP Rail

Drainage Systems

Every detail of the GTH was developed with client needs in mind, down to superior-grade concrete drainage systems and slope of the 1800-acre footprint that moves water away from tenant areas.

Regina Bypass

Saskatchewan’s largest transportation infrastructure project is being built next to the GTH. When complete in 2019, it will offer free-flow traffic and movement of goods to and from the GTH.

Loblaw Companies Ltd

Loblaw is Canada's largest food retailer. It operates a one-million sq. ft. distribution centre at the GTH, serving some 250 of its stores across the prairies including Superstores, Extra Foods, Independent Grocers and No Frills.

Located adjacent to CP Rail's intermodal facility, the massive Loblaw distribution centre receives some 85 containers of goods via rail per week from eastern Canada, Europe, and Asia and also moves 3,600 inbound and outbound truck shipments weekly.

“Having the GTH with the infrastructure here, really was the deciding factor for us. They have helped us on the HR side, they’ve helped us in connecting with the community. They help us to get the things that we need to run our business successfully. You can’t get that kind of support at any other site.” Darcy Scott, Former Regina Warehouse General Manager, Loblaw

Slinkemo Enterprises

Slinkemo is a container transport and management company that begin operationing at the GTH in the fall of 2015.

With over 60,000 containers currently moving through the GTH every year, the addition of a container management company offers valuable services to GTH clients. Slinkemo’s company offers container storage, drayage, transport, maintenance and handling services.

“Relocating our business to the GTH puts us in the middle of Saskatchewan’s largest transportation hub and better able to serve those involved in the container business. We are excited to be able to operate our business and be part of the growth at the GTH.” Al Ackerman, Owner, Slinkemo Enterprises

Sterling Truck & Trailer

Sterling Truck & Trailer is a Regina-based company that has been providing quality service for decades. Their new satellite facility at the GTH (slated to open in 2016) will provide service and maintenance for truck and trailer units operating in and out of the footprint.

With 4,600 truck movements at GTH every week, having an on-site repair service provides valuable and convenient services for both clients and long-haul truckers.

“The GTH has created new opportunities for a lot of Saskatchewan companies, and will only continue to flourish.” Sterling Hornoi, Owner, Sterling Truck & Trailer Sales

Transportation Infrastructure

The GTH offers extra-wide, highway-grade roads for safe, efficient, cost-effective hauling.

Consolidated FastFrate

Consolidated FastFrate (CFF) is one of the largest privately-owned transportation and logistics trucking services in Canada. The company brings decades of experience in warehousing and fulfillment and provide professional transportation solutions to all major centres across Canada. CFF maintains a 10,000 sq. ft. cross-dock and less-than-load (LTL) trucking service at the GTH.

Their location with CP Rail has reduced container delivery times, resulting in better value and service for GTH clients.

“Having CP Rail located just a block down the road is a huge time-saving advantage for us. Our large platforms allow for easy cargo segregation, consolidation, storage and reloading of goods in very efficient timelines.” Darwin Bach, CFF Regina Manager

Brightenview Development International Inc.

Brightenview is a Saskatchewan-based international business development company. They offer commercial real estate development and project management, professional consulting services, business plan establishment and international product marketing and promotion. Their Global Trade Exhibition Centre (GTEC) at the GTH will open in early 2018 and showcase distributors of electronics, home building materials and general consumer items.

“In addition to the welcoming business environment, we wanted to build our trade complex at the GTH because of its direct access to major highways and CP Rail” Joe Zhou, CEO and Executive Director of Brightenview