Breaking New Ground

The enterprising spirit of the GTH and our clients is opening doors to new markets and building business opportunities.

Trade has always driven Saskatchewan’s economy. And innovation has always driven growth in Saskatchewan’s trade.

From the earliest days of prairie life, trappers, farmers and manufacturers recognized that creating value from industry and resources required infrastructure to efficiently move products to and from the prairies. Where many saw nothing, some saw opportunity. Those visionaries broke ground and established trading posts, built rail lines and laid the groundwork for people to buy and sell into bigger markets.

It’s how Saskatchewan was built – and that pioneering spirit continues today at the GTH.


The 21st century trade zone

The GTH is an inland port at the heart of east-west and north-south trade corridors, with an 1,800-acre footprint in Regina – Saskatchewan’s capital city. It is a 21st Century solution that is driving increased trade in Saskatchewan, across Canada and around the world, with:

  • a Canadian Pacific Rail intermodal facility designed to move 250,000 shipping containers annually
  • extra-wide roadways custom-built for long combination transport vehicles and free-flow movement
  • concierge-style support to access resources and programs to enable business growth and development
Inland ports are huge economic engines and huge drivers for job creation, growing local companies, and providing opportunities to capitalize on cargo shipping through the province – having trade stop here rather than drive right on through. Tiffany Melvin, President, North American Strategy for Competitiveness (NASCO)

Business beyond borders

As Saskatchewan’s only designated Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), the GTH provides a welcoming point of entry to North America in a business-friendly environment that encourages trade.

At the GTH, investors have single-window access to the Government of Canada’s duty and tax relief programming. These programs allow goods into Canada for assembly, packaging or distribution, while deferring duties, tariffs and sales taxes until those goods enter the Canadian marketplace. And goods can travel through our FTZ to markets outside Canada – never entering the Canadian marketplace – without costs and administrative challenges related to duties and taxes.

The GTH exists to facilitate trade – supporting growth for our clients and Saskatchewan.

Through its FTZ designation, the GTH is uniquely positioned to attract both foreign and domestic investment in Saskatchewan. Rather than searching for information on Canada’s tax and tariff trade-related policies and programs from numerous sources, potential investors can get all this material through the GTH. Working effectively with these investors will help spur innovation and create gateways to new global markets and that’s a unique opportunity for both Saskatchewan and Canada. Mona Taylor, Senior Trade Commissioner, Global Affairs Canada

Building bridges to the world

Saskatchewan is a home to innovation and manufacturing; at the heart of agriculture and resource development.

And the GTH is a global gateway that makes it easier for Saskatchewan-based companies to share products with the world. Home to a large-scale CP Rail intermodal facility and with infrastructure to support short- and long-haul trucking partners, the GTH is building bridges between Saskatchewan and markets around the world.

Business starts here. And, the GTH can help take it anywhere.

The GTH is a big cog in the productivity wheel that is transportation logistics which drives trade. The GTH will never be ‘done its job’ – as the needs of the supply chain change, so will the GTH – it has the physical capacity and the management ability to do that. The GTH is something that will keep us leaders in the export world for a long time. Steve McLellan, CEO, Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce

An open road for business

The GTH was built to break down barriers; to inspire innovation; to tackle the challenges of trade and transportation in a way lets businesses grow.

Driven by a vision of expanding Saskatchewan’s economy, the GTH works with companies to ease the challenges of trade. As an autonomous, self-governing authority, we can simplify the process of turning a great idea into reality– working alongside our partners on everything from planning to permitting. It’s a one-stop approach that saves time and money while opening doors to partnerships and opportunities.

For supply-chain companies, the GTH can be the shortest path between a business idea and business success.

Truck transport drives the Saskatchewan economy. Timely delivery is critical to a company's competitive edge and the GTH offers a new standard of efficient and safe road systems for the industry. Susan Ewart, Executive Director, Saskatchewan Trucking Association