GTH, transportation stakeholders gather in Winnipeg

Thursday, May 3, 2018 - Winnipeg, MB

With the critical role of transportation making headlines in Western Canada, the Global Transportation Hub (GTH) will join the Western Transportation Advisory Council (WESTAC) spring forum to discuss improvements to transportation systems and supply chains in Western Canada.

The forum is part of WESTAC’s semi-annual meeting that kicks off today in Winnipeg, MB and brings together industry leaders from across the four western provinces to discuss issues related to moving goods and people to domestic and global markets. This year’s forum will also discuss recent developments in North American rail service and explore increased efficiency.

“Our road and rail systems are the lifeblood of Western Canada’s economy,” notes Bryan Richards, President and CEO of the GTH. “For those of us in the transportation sector, it’s important to assess business practices and explore innovation and technology that can keep goods moving. We’re looking for strategies to advance the transportation of goods, so sharing knowledge is key to long-term growth opportunities.”

Richards notes the GTH was designed to meet future infrastructure demands and maximize trade opportunities for the province of Saskatchewan. “With the completion of the Regina Bypass next year, the GTH will be better-positioned to offer a fast and efficient distribution network to meet North American demand.”

WESTAC’s goal of excellence in transportation is inspired and sustained by a group of private sector, government and labour leaders that have embraced the importance of collaboration.

Ideally situated adjacent to the CP Rail mainline and directly connected to the TransCanda and Yellowhead National Highway systems, the GTH offers land for sale or lease to businesses in the following segments: transportation and logistics, warehousing and distribution, import and export operations, as well as light processing and manufacturing.