Industrial land

Buy or lease industrial land at the Global Transportation Hub.

For Sale or Lease

The GTH is an 1,800-acre greenfield environment. We don’t subdivide land into pre-determined lots. Instead, we work with each client to create a solution coordinated with their unique supply chain vision and needs – reducing clients’ operational and capital costs and offering a higher return on investments.

Land Area: Over 500 acres available

Prices: $256,000 + up per acre

  • Industrial acres above five acres: $256,000 per acre
  • Parcels in commercial services or below five acres: $320,000 per acre

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  • Land is rough-graded and service-ready.
  • All utilities (water, sewer, power, gas, telecommunications) are implemented in the GTH roadways and ditches. Clients simply connect to the most logical service location.
  • Direct access to the Canadian Pacific mainline.
  • With the completed Regina Bypass, the GTH offers free-flow access to the Transcanada highway and Yellowhead highway.
  • Elevated, uncongested, dry industrial land located minutes from the Regina International Airport and city centre.
  • Designed for large, heavy-volume transportation, our roads are highway grade, four-lane, undivided with large shoulders to support long combination commercial vehicles. 

Customized solutions

The footprint is designed to be logistically superior for supply chain management needs, including:

  • Transportation and logistics
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Light manufacturing and processing
  • Import and export

For more information on these business areas, see Permitted uses.


Cost savings

The GTH offers the most competitively-priced industrial land in Western Canada, and the overall cost of operating a business in Saskatchewan is less than in other Canadian provinces and United States. 

Let our competitive advantage become yours. For more information on the cost benefits of operating in Saskatchewan, visit the Economic Development Regina, or visit the provincial government's Invest and Do Business in Saskatchewan page.

Property taxes at the GTH compare favourably with our major competitors.
To explore approximate property tax costs, see our:


Utility Information

The GTH has assembled some basic information regarding the application process and usage rates for the utilities provided on the footprint.


Efficient operations

The GTH is an autonomous inland port, operating at arm’s length from the provincial government.

Our team controls all municipal processes on the footprint. For our clients, this means more efficient operations and getting to market faster - you won't find this level of support anywhere else.