Economic benefits

By driving import and export capability, we're supporting long-term economic success and sustainability for Saskatchewan.

The following economic indicators illustrate the positive impact the GTH has as a development engine for the province.

Private investment

Icon of private investment

$485 million

Total private investment

Current industrial inventory

Icon of industrial inventory

1.5 million square feet (SF)

Using 20% of occupied land


Icon of employment

900 full-time jobs

Occupancy ratio

Icon of occupancy

1,667 SF per person

1.5 million SF / 900 people

Full-build forecast

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12.8 million square feet of building inventory

Labour capacity

Icon of labour capacity

7,678 jobs on site

12.8 Million SF / 1,667 SF per person

Residential housing impact

Icon of housing impact

2,559 homes

7,678 jobs / average family size (3)

Residential construction impact

Icon of residential impact

$793 million

2,559 new homes × $310,000

Industrial construction impact

Icon of industrial impact

$4.48 billion

12.8 million SF × $350 per SF

About 75 percent of what Saskatchewan produces is exported; continued development of the GTH will allow the province to capitalize on some of the world’s largest shipping volumes.

The GTH brings together rail, highway, and distribution centers into a shipping and logistics hub. This hub supports the Asia-Pacific Corridor: an initiative to establish world-class infrastructure to support import and export activities from Asia.