Permitted uses

The GTH is designed to be logistically superior for clients in all aspects of supply chain management and logistics.

Our permitted uses include:

Light manufacturing and processing

  • A key target market for the GTH is value-added agriculture processing.
  • The process of the physical or transformation of raw materials into finished goods. This includes finished goods that are ready to be used or consumed and raw materials produced for use in further manufacturing.
  • The processing, transformation and/or distribution of an agriculture product.
  • Light manufacturing must require or utilize the services of a mode of transportation operating in or located in the GTH.
  • Examples include: product assembly, value-added agriculture processing.

Transportation and logistics

  • Activities involved in the flow of goods, cargo or resources between the point of origin and delivery to the consumer.
  • Transportation and logistics may also involve the integration of information flow, materials handling, production, packaging, inventory, distribution, and packing and crating.
  • Examples include: local and long haul freight trucking, trucking terminal or yard, third and fourth party logistics providers, trailer and container drayage.

Warehousing and distribution

  • Performance of administration and physical functions associated with the storage and movement of goods and materials.
  • Facilities that provide transportation, cross-docking, order-fulfillment, shipping, receiving, sorting, packaging and related activities.
  • Examples include: inventory storage, refrigerated facilities, cross-dock operations.

Import and export

  • Functions of international trade whereby goods produced in one country are shipped to another country for future sale or trade.
  • Examples include: local, national, and international companies requiring connections to global markets.

Commercial services

  • Services oriented uses to meet the needs of drivers, employees and/or the travelling public.
  • Commercial services examples include: food and restaurants, fueling, parking, truck servicing, personal services and business support services.

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