Trade information

Our Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) status, shipping times calculator, and information on trade partnerships

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) status

As a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), the GTH offers foreign investors single-window access to Canada’s duty and tax relief programming.

FTZ programs offer cash-flow and service benefits for our clients, including:

  • Duty deferral – duties are waived up front or rebated later
  • Sales tax relief – exemption from federal and provincial sales tax
  • Exporters of processing services – relieves participants of obligation to pay federal and provincial sales tax on imports belonging to non-residents
  • Export distribution centre – imported goods processed to add limited value before exporting exempt from federal and provincial taxes
  • Customs bonded warehouse – sales tax and duty-free storage/distribution facilities

International investment

We actively explore partnerships and opportunities that leverage our location, FTZ and business model advantages. Working to unite global buyers and suppliers, the GTH is an advocate for business development projects that grow Saskatchewan’s import and export activities.
The GTH team works hand in hand with other government ministries to welcome private and public sector initiatives that can significantly impact economic diversification. Our strategic location makes us attractive for Asia-Pacific Rim and other international entities seeking to enter the North American market.
With our commitment to providing a premier transportation and logistics hub, coupled with the encouragement and support from the Saskatchewan government, we have engaged private sector partners to help establish Global Trade and Exhibition Centres, manufacturing assembly facilities, and E-commerce fulfillment solutions at the GTH. We are working together to attract entrepreneurs, investors, suppliers and service providers to launch and operate these exciting opportunities.

Our government welcomes opportunities to attract people, jobs and investment. The Global Transportation Hub is our gateway to Asia; our gateway to the world, and the right location for industries seeking access to North American markets. 
Honourable Dustin Duncan, Minister responsible for the Global Transportation Hub, Government of Saskatchewan 

Provincial support

Thee GTH has tremendous support from our government and industry partners:

"The GTH logistics park and its ancillary programs are helping to move goods more quickly and efficiently in this province. Much of what Saskatchewan produces is exported to more than 150 countries, making transportation a critical component of provincial growth and investment that stimulates trade."

- Kent Campbell, Deputy Minister, Trade and Export Development, Government of Saskatchewan

“Saskatchewan is a great place to relocate to as it’s in the heart of the Canadian prairies with a strong economy and a welcoming environment for international entrepreneurs. Through programs such as our Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) and Federal Express Entry, we’re working hard to make sure we exercise every option to create growth opportunities.”  

- Alastair MacFadden, Deputy Minister, Immigration and Career Training, Government of Saskatchewan 

Through the use of multi-modal transportation, the GTH offers efficient service to our key trading partners. It’s an important piece of our provincial highway network as well as Canada’s national highway system.”  

- Fred Antunes, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, Government of Saskatchewan

“The clients located at the GTH are actively involved in global supply chains which assist Saskatchewan agri-food exporters to move products to their customers around the world.  We believe this status will help further attract value-added agriculture investments to the GTH.”

- Rick Burton, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Saskatchewan

“The FTZ designation is a further improvement to what is already a highly desirable competitive advantage for Regina and Saskatchewan.”  

John Lee, President & CEO, Economic Development Regina Inc.

Shipping times calculator

We connect efficiently to Asian, Europeans and other global markets. Our rail and highway networks link us with North American seaports and key market centres across the continent.

Trade partnerships

The GTH has a Cooperation Agreement with one of China’s inland integrated logistics parks. The relationship with Henan Imported Materials Public Bonded Centre Co. (HNBLC) provides a framework for collaboration to share inland port best practices, promote trade through each other’s respective ports, and identify business development opportunities. Located in the inland of China, Henan is the fifth largest provincial economy of China, offering access to over 350 million people within a 500 km radius.

As part of the effort to connect the interior of Canada to the ocean ports, the GTH has Collaboration Agreements with both the Port of Vancouver and the Montreal Port Authority aimed at generating new business, developing greater supply chain efficiencies, and advancing operational practices.

The GTH holds memberships with many Saskatchewan trade groups to help realize global opportunities. Some of those organizations include Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership, Economic Development Regina Inc as well as the Regina and Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.  

In order to represent the breadth of programs and benefits of Saskatchewan to current and future clients, the GTH works closely with numerous government counterparts. This includes the Ministries of the Economy, Agriculture, Highways, Environment, as well as other government stakeholders.