Development Permit Application Form


All of the following information is necessary to facilitate a thorough and timely evaluation and decision on your application.

All materials submitted must be clear, legible and precise. If there are any changes to the information following the submission of your application please provide our office with a copy of the change.

The minimum time required to review the following information by the GTH is 20 business days for more complex projects the review time may take longer. The review timeline does not begin until the proponent has submitted all of the required documentation and drawings required. The review time is for the initial review only any resubmissions will extend the timelines required. 

Please note you will also require a building permit and must apply for it separately. 

An approved development permit will be valid for one year from the issue date. 

A. Applicant/Owner Information
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
B. General Project Information
Type of work being performed:
C. All New Buildings and/or Additions to Existing Buildings
D. Impact on Public Infrastructure
E. Provide proposed Site Drawing(s) in metric units to Include:

The following are required:

  1. Two full size paper copy (e.g. A1, ANSID or ARCHD), drawing scale to be appropriate for the size of the site (e.g. 1:100 to 1:1000) 
  2. Electronic copy of your site plan in PDF format. Upload electronic copy below.

Site plan must include the following details:

  • Date
  • North Arrow
  • Site area (sq. m.)
  • Access points
  • Property lines, dimensions and area (in hectares) of the site
  • Site Circulation
  • Drainage, detention and water systems (water & sewer connections)
  • Loading space requirements
  • Parking layout design and spaces (width, depth)
  • Areas of hard surfacing and granular surfacing
  • Additional structures including security/gate house or utility buildings
  • Landscape Plans, signage and fencing locations
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevation drawings
  • Snow & waste management
  • The location and name of adjacent streets, drainage channels/ponds pipelines, utilities, easements, hydrants, railways and other relevant infrastructure
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
F. Development Permit Fee

$10,000.00 plus 5% GST fee per Site Plan (fee must be received in full to complete the submission of the Development Permit Application)

By submitting this application, I am certifying that the information and related documents provided are complete and accurate. I give consent to the employees and authorized representatives of the Global Transportation Hub to use the information for the purposes of processing this application and related correspondence.