Canadian Pacific Rail

Canadian Pacific Rail operates a new 300-acre intermodal facility at the GTH. It's designed to move some 250,000 containers annually - more than five times the capacity of their previous downtown Regina facility. CP is already tracking about 60,000 lifts annually.

The GTH provides direct access to the CP Rail mainline, connecting shippers to seaports and key market locations across North America. CP's expertise and strong strategic alliances offer the most timely, cost-effective and worry-free transportation solutions across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

The GTH is always reaching out to potential clients to see how all the other properties and businesses within the area can collate to help each other out - which is probably the biggest benefit to how this inland hub is working. It's not just a bunch of silo businesses, it's a community. CP Rail


2401 Fleming Road, Regina SK S4M 0A1, Canada

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