Morguard Investments

Morguard is one of Canada’s leading real estate companies.

Their Translink Logistics Centre is designed specifically for supply chain, logistics and transportation/distribution clients looking to lease space at the GTH. This is a brand new multi-tenant LEED-certified warehouse complex that takes full advantage of the GTH’s efficient access to China and the Pacific Rim to the west; Russia, Europe and India to the east; and the US to the south.

At the GTH, you don’t have that bureaucracy. You’re dealing with one governing authority. We're a long term player in terms of own real estate and with the resources and growth potential here, why wouldn't we want to invest in the GTH? It's good to feel that you are ahead of the curve. Margaret Knowles, Senior VP, Morguard Investments


Translink Logistics Centre, 12222 & 12236 Ewing Avenue, Regina SK S4M 0A1, Canada

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Other GTH Property, 11800 & 12210 Rotary Avenue, 12202 Ewing Avenue

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For information on warehouse leasing opportunities at the GTH, visit Translink Logistics Centre.
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